What are industrial circular connectors? Any experience in choosing connectors?

What is industrial circular connectors Any experience in choosing waterproof circular connector

What are industrial circular connectors?

Industrial circular connectors are also called circular aviation plug, circular aviation plug, or circular interconnection. It is the basic structure of cylindrical. A circular insertion surface of the multi-pin electrical connector, used for the interconnection between equipment. Industrial circular connectors include contacts for data transmission and power supply. Such as low-frequency circular connectors, RF coaxial connectors, and audio connectors. The cylindrical structure of the circular connector, which provides natural sturdiness and higher strength than any other shape.

Do you have any experience in choosing circular connectors?

We can choose connectors from 9 points, especially the point 1 and point 6.

1.Circular connector bayonet-type: when purchasing of circular industrial connector(such as industrial camera connector), we should pay attention to choose the appropriate, matching type of bayonet. Mainly 1/4 fast bayonet-type connection, plug connection, latch connection, quick plug connection, thread connection, pull-type connection;

2.Wiring mode of circular industrial connector: crimping connection, welding connection, nut locking connection, casting cable, etc.;

3.Round aviation plug right angle type and corner type;

4.Needle circular navigation and pinhole circular navigation;

5.Whether circular connectors have shielding performance: circular aero inserts used in different environments have different shielding requirements. Some connector manufacturers provide personalized customization services. Providing industrial connectors with different shielding effects according to customer requirements. Such as the 360° shielding imported circular connectors of SenNav.

6.Hole location and model of circular connectors: When choosing connectors, in addition to considering conventional connector standards, such as M8 and M12 connectors, we should also check whether the hole bitmap of the connector conforms to the standard.

7.Core number selection of circular connector;

8.The circular metal connector manufacturer, the quality of the industrial air plug mainly embodied in the internal materials, structure, work and so on. These characteristics in external tend not to judge, so when the circular connector of choose and buy, should first consideration of well-known, good reputation, deep tillage technology connector manufacturer, such as SenNav connector with many years of industry experience and technology, USES the industry standard, connectors, high-quality.

9.Whether the circular connector customization service can be provided: some industries require special connector standards, which may not be available in the market. At this time, circular connector manufacturers capable of personalized customization should be selected.

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