How to select a waterproof circular connector?

How to select waterproof circular connector

How to select a waterproof circular connector?

In wet and cold natural environments or in liquid, subjecte circular connector aviation plug socket to liquid drip, spray, or invasion. The waterproof level introduction can prevent the problem. In general, people express the circular connectors waterproof level in IP code, namely IPX (X is a large number from 0 to 8, the greater the higher the waterproof level), as follows.

What is a circular connector waterproof rating?

Nothing is maintained for water When x=0 -.

When x=1 – Avoid water droplets coming in.

When title the circular connector housing to a 16-degree angle, drops of water do not harm the housing When x=2 -.

Do not harm the RF connector when x=3 – precipitation from the 65-degree corner onto subjecting the housing or water.

No harm when x=4 – liquid splashes onto the RF connector housing from all directions and angles.

When x=5 – tap water cleaning without all damage.

Waterproof connectors can avoid strong gushing water (such as the sea) into the cabin which used in the natural environment When x=6 -.

When x=7 – connectors can be used to avoid a short period of immersion in the whole process of water.

It is constantly immersed under the necessary working pressure When x=8 -. It can avoid the water into the aviation plug connectors during the whole process of complete and continuous flooding.

The quality of circular connector aviation plug and socket is related to the safety of electrical appliances and equipment and the life safety of users. Before choosing the product, confirm the drawings, parameters, and performance of the product. SenNav’s connector provides reliability and quality assurance.

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