What is the directional probe of the wireless inclinometer while drilling?

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SN-MWD-48H MWD type directional probe tube adopts quartz probe tube design. It is normal. measurement while drilling tool. Through the suspension design, the vulnerable parts such as the quartz accelerometer, circuit board, and electronic components in the quartz probe tube are effectively protected, thereby improving the quartz probe tube vibration resistance. It extends the probe tube service life.

Suspend the table body in the pressure-resistant cylinder, and the space between the table body and the pressure-resistant cylinder is filled with buffered “liquid” to avoid the impact of severe vibration in all directions on the table body, thereby further protecting the quartz accelerometer, circuit board and electronic components normal work under vibration conditions.

In order to create a reasonable suspension phenomenon, on the basis of the YST-48R probe, in addition to calculating, designing, and modifying the size of the platform, we also adopted a newly designed shock absorber and a shock-absorbing rubber ring as a buffer “liquid”.

After practical verification, the SN-MWD-48H MWD vibration reduction effect meets the design requirements and is greatly improved from the original product.

The anti-vibration performance of the SN-MWD-48H MWD probe tube has been significantly enhanced under the condition and keeps the accuracy unchanged. This makes the probe tube’s overall reliability and stability greatly improved. Extending the product life cycle and improving user economic benefits.

MWD Technical Parameters:

Well deviation: ±0.1°
Azimuth: ±1.0°
Tool surface: ±1.0°
Maximum data storage capacity: 45,000 groups
Instrument length: 1638mm
The outer diameter of compression cylinder: φ48mm
Maximum temperature: 150℃
Pressure resistance: 140MPa

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