What is the difference between MWD and gyro inclinometer?

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Both MWD and Gyro inclinometers can be used in geological drilling and oil drilling, especially in controlled oriented inclined wells and large horizontal drilling wells. Gyro inclinometer use gyroscope as azimuth measurement sensors, but MWD use magnetometer, for inclination measurement, use quartz accelerometer.

In geological drilling and oil drilling, especially in controlled oriented inclined wells and large horizontal drilling wells, the measurement while drilling system is an indispensable tool for continuous monitoring of the drilling trajectory and timely correction. MWD wireless inclinometer is a kind of positive pulse inclinometer. It uses mud pressure change to transmit measurement parameters to the ground. It does not need cable connection and no special equipment such as cable car. It has few moving parts, easy to use and simple maintenance. The downhole part is modular and flexible, which can meet short-radius whipstocking needs. Its outer diameter is 48 mm. It is suitable for various sizes of wellbore, and entire downhole instrument can be salvaged.

The MWD wireless drill-while-drilling system has created a number of drilling indicators, and the drilling speed has been significantly improved. In recent years, MWD and related technologies have developed rapidly, and the application field has been expanding. The overall trend is to gradually transition from cable-to-wire to wireless measurement while drilling, and the parameters for measurement while drilling increase, and development of wireless measurement while drilling technology is one of the major concerns in current development of petroleum engineering technology.

Gyro inclinometers use gyroscopes as azimuth measurement sensors, use quartz accelerometer as inclination measurement sensor. The instrument can independently find true north direction. Does not rely on geomagnetic field and ground reference point north. Therefore, it has the characteristics of no drift in azimuth measurement and high measurement accuracy, but the cost is also very high. It is mainly used in environments where the azimuth measurement requirements are high and ferromagnetic interference is serious, such as oil casing tunnels, magnetic mine drilling, urban engineering drilling, and hydraulic engineering drilling etc.

The current MWD market technology has been fully matured and it is also used by many service companies. Compared MWD and gyro inclinometers, SN-MWD-48H price is favorable, and it can adapt to most well conditions. It is easy to operate, hard to damage, and cost-effective. Gyro inclinometers will be a good choice for geomagnetic field with strong magnetic field interference.

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