What is LWD logging while drilling technology?

What is MWD LWD logging while drilling technology?

The English abbreviation of Logging While Drilling LWD: It is an emerging comprehensive logging application technology developed on the basis of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and used to solve the formation evaluation of horizontal wells and multi-branch wells and the steering of drilling.

LWD system composition and working method

The LWD logging-while-drilling system is generally composed of downhole instruments and wellsite information processing system. Leading simulation software is the core of the wellsite information processing system, and downhole instruments provide real-time measurement data. The leading simulation software completes the drilling design, real-time interpretation and on-site decision-making of highly-deviated wells and horizontal wells, and guides the drilling operation.

The logging-while-drilling system has two working modes: real-time data transmission mode and downhole data storage mode.

1. Real-time data transmission method: The information measured by the logging while drilling tool during drilling is transmitted to the driver in real-time, and the driver drives the pulse generator to encode the information in a specific way and transmit it to the surface pressure sensor. The surface information is processed and The decoding system converts it into a digital and graphical format that can be displayed or printed on the software interface to provide customers with the final product.

2. Downhole data storage method: Store the information collected when the LWD logging-while-drilling tool is tripped or drilled in the memory of the tool, and the data download interface of the tool is about 1.5 meters above the surface of the turntable through data download Wire it to the surface computer for processing and display. Generally, the processed data disk can be submitted and printed as a map within 30 minutes.

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