What’s accelerometer? How does quartz accelerometer work?

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What is accelerometer? Accelerometer is an instrument for measuring the acceleration of a carrier line. It is composed of detection quality (also called sensitive mass), support, potentiometer, spring, damper, and housing. The components of common accelerometers are as follows: housing (fixed to the measured object), reference quality, sensitive components, signal output devices, etc. Accelerometers require a certain amount of range and accuracy, sensitivity, etc. These requirements are often somewhat contradictory.

The accelerometer is essentially one-degree-of-freedom oscillation system. The damper must be used to improve the dynamic quality of the system. Based on different principles, it has different ranges (from several g to hundreds of thousands of g) and their sensitivity to catastrophic acceleration frequencies varies.

Quartz flexible accelerometers is generally a uniaxial torque feedback accelerometer, which detects external acceleration signal by detecting quality, and then demodulates and amplifies via a servo circuit. Finally, the output current signal is proportional to acceleration signal. Products are widely used in aerospace high-precision navigation systems, oil drilling inclinometer or geological exploration strapdown inertial navigation system. It is mainly composed of several major components such as differential capacitance sensor, detection mass pendulum assembly, electromagnetic torque device and electronic amplifier. When there is acceleration along the sensitive axis, position of detection mass changes, position detector detects this change, then the signal is input to amplifier and the amplifier drives the force generator to return detection mass to zero. Output of accelerometer is the current that flows through force generator in proportion to input acceleration.

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