Tolteq MWD & Gamma

Tolteq MWD and LWD (measurement-while-drilling and logging-while-drilling) are one of the solutions for your drilling operations.

1. Tolteq MWD Introduction

      a. Positive pulse, sitting type, salvage
      b. Operating temperature could be achieved 175 ℃
      c. Low power, single battery can be used 400 hours
      d. Structure very simple
      e. Easy to operation and maintenance
       f. Tolteq and GE are fully compatible, plug-and-play
      g. Stable and reliable
      h. Apply to high LCM environment
       i. Low cost for use and maintenance
       j. Reliable and stable wireless GUIDE MWD Surface System

   * Hanging type pulser, PWD will be commercial in the future.

2. Tolteq MWD Characteristics

Parameter Range Specifications
Inclination 0 – 180° ±0.1°
Azimuth 0 – 360° ±0.25°
Tool face 0 – 360° ±0.5°
Operating temperature 175°
Survival temperature 185°
Pressure 140Mpa(180Mpa researching )
Outer diameter 48mm/1.875″
Battery lithium battery 18-32VDC
Battery life single battery can be used 400 hours
Shock 1000g, 0.5msec.half-sine
Vibration, Random 20g RMS 15-500 Hz

3. Instrument

    a. GUIDE MWD Surface System

    c. Intelligent Tolteq Gamma Module ( iTGM )
    e. Intelligent Gamma Sensor & Intelligent Gamma Module ( iGS & iGM )
    f. MWD Tool Tracker
    g. Tolteq Fill Station ( TFS )