Rotary Pulser
Positive Mud Pulse

Rotary Pulser - Positive Mud Pulse

The Rotary Pulser is designed to operate with batteries. It offers a reliable, economical alternative to pulsers from other OEMs. Crossovers to other popular MWD systems are available, especially HAILAN MWD that made in China.

Rotary Pulser is the toughest, most advanced mud pulse transmitter in the industry. Recent improvements include an ultra-reliable, high-efficiency DC brushless motor and controller which can run thousands of hours without a failure. The motor/controller combo is 30% more efficient when pulsing and consumes 1/3 of the quiescent power of the previous generation. Other improvements include more durable shafts and seals, and better serviceability.

Rotary Pulser - Positive Mud Pulse specification

The Rotary Pulser that is the third-generation pulser, which match SN-MWD-48H MWD and can replace the new pulser directly.

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