Push-pull self-locking connector wire sealing

measurement equipment connector with seal performance, connector cable

Metal push-pull self-locking connector industry application:

Medical connector: Analyzers, Processing Equipment, Dental Equipment, Electrosurgical Devices, Pacemakers and Hearing Devices;

Audio-video connector: HDTV/Media Converter, Remote Cam / Motion Pict Cam(Indoors/outdoors), Analog Audio/Video, Digital Audio, Lighting – Indoors/outdoors;

Test & Measurement connector: GPS (portable or vehicle-mounted), High Voltage Experiments, Meters, Sources, Analyzers, Weather Sensors, Quality Inspections;

Information system connector: Authentication Devices, Computers (outdoors), Input Devices,


Automotive connector: Cars/Trucks (inside), Crash Dummies, Engine Compartments, Emergency Vehicles,

Research connector: Robots, Sub-Atomic Research, Physics Research, Laboratories;

Aerospace connector: Airplanes/Helicopters, Baggage Screeners;

Communication connector: Antennas – Indoors/outdoors, Headsets/IBFs (Reporters), Remote Control, RF/uWave,

System control connector: Security/Surveillance – Indoors, outdoors.

The wire seal includes the free end push-pull self-locking connector and the fixed end push-pull self-locking connector wire seal. For the wires using fluoroplastics, in order to make the wires bonded firmly, the bonding part of the wires must be sandblasted to make the surface rough, and then use a strong oxidizing agent to corrode the wires. The corrosion process makes the surface molecules of the wire react to form a free radical carbon-containing film, and the carbon-containing film reacts chemically with the sealing adhesive to form a real chemical bond.

When the wire and the contact are welded, the area of the solder joint is required to be small and flush with the surface of the contact. On the one hand, it can avoid damaging the surface coating of the contact due to the large solder joint area, and on the other hand, it can also avoid the protrusion or depression of the solder joint. The tip discharge caused by it and the gas is easily adsorbed to form an “air pump” during molding.

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