Pay attention to the following issues when using waterproof connectors

when using waterproof connectors metal connectors

The waterproof connector is suitable for LED, guardrail and other new photoelectric technology products to connect wire and cable waterproof quick connection wire.

1. Wire and cable: 2-6 cores;

2, Rated voltage: DC 0-24V, (AC 110V, 220V);

3, rated current: 1-5A, ~ 1-3A;

4. Breakdown voltage: >1500V;

5, waterproof grade: IP68;

6, working temperature: -40 degrees — 120 degrees;

7, product certification: CCC, CE, VDE, UL and other certification;

8, wire and cable internal section :(square millimeter) 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0

With the development of technology, many things in our lives now use electricity, but more or less charged things will have a certain impact on our safety, so waterproofing is very important, and waterproof connectors can be applied to environments with water. It has excellent sealing performance and reliable waterproof performance, so what should be paid attention to when using it?

1. When the waterproof connector is connected, it should be avoided that its tail accessories are loosened and the cable core is damaged by force;

2. If the device is in a separate state, it should be equipped with a protective pad to take other dust-proof measures. If the connector is not separated for a long time after the connection, you can put insurance between the plug and the socket;

3. When the connected plug and socket do not have a connector for positioning the shell, in order to ensure that the plug and socket can be accurately docked after being fixed, the plug and socket should be fixed in a difficult-to-fit state;

4. The waterproof connector uses the threaded connection to be fixed and positioned for wiring harness clamping and other occasions and should be equipped with relaxation equipment.

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