North seeking fiber optic gyro

North seeking fiber optic gyro, FOG North seeker, FOG North finder

North seeking fiber optic gyro also can be called FOG North seeker or FOG North finder. As an electro-mechanical product, FOG North finder consists of fiber optic gyroscope, accelerometer, mechanical rotation control device, and embedded computer. It is a high-precision inertial instrument that autonomously indicates azimuth. It can give the angle between carrier and true north without inputting latitude. Through high-precision fiber optic gyro tracking to obtain the earth’s rotation angular velocity, the earth’s rotation angular velocity signal is decomposed and solved, and the angle between gyro major axis and the earth’s true north direction is calculated, and the carrier is provided with azimuth information.

Using high-precision fiber optic gyroscopes and accelerometers, combination of gyro platform and multi-position measurement combined with the north seeking model, accurately measuring the earth’s rotation angular rate and gravitational acceleration, and autonomously measuring the azimuth and attitude of carrier. Utilizing the combination of gyro platform and multi-position measurement to combine north-seeking mode, North-seeker effectively eliminates systematic errors in the north-seeking process at different azimuths and has good accuracy in 360°range. It uses the inner gyro level platform control technology. The north seeker has the automatic northing error caused by cancellation of attitude angle (pitch and roll). It can find the north with high accuracy within a certain range of carrier attitude angle. It uses sensor multi-parameter redundant acquisition technology to automatically calibrate bias and scale factor of gyro and accelerometer, to meet the working environment within a specific temperature.

Gyro north seeker is a technical for quickly obtaining accurate azimuth information. It is crucial for precise navigation and improving the efficiency and accuracy of engineering survey. 3 key points to this issue::
1. Autonomous approach to seek North (the best way is not to rely on the outside world, is an independent and conservative system of information);
2. Fast time to orientation (mobile guided missile weapon system requires less than 5 minutes of directed operation time);
3. High directional accuracy (maneuvering missile weapon system orientation accuracy requirements 10 ~ 20 “).
Normally designed north seeker adopts position method, there are many kinds of positions such as two positions, three positions, four positions, but position measurement method is relatively low in measurement accuracy due to the north seeking scheme, temperature change, etc., and its impact resistance and vibration capability poor, bulky, and inconvenient to operate and carry, there are still some difficulties for the modern fast and high precision autonomous orientation.

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