LWD/MWD Battery Pack

Adopt high-temperature lithium battery cell, wide operating temperature range (-40 ~ 165℃), low self-discharge rate (annual self-discharge rate less than 1%, 20℃ condition), excellent resistance to vibration & shock, good insulation characteristics, especially used in measurement while drilling (MWD) and logging while drilling (LWD) tools.

YST-48R MWD Battery pack parameters:

Rated voltage: 29.0V

Maximum pulse current: 1500mA

Maximum size: Ф37.5 mm x 1185.0 mm

Nominal capacity: 29.0Ah

Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 160℃

How can we solve the MWD battery pack explosion problem?

Our MWD battery pack use high-temperature lithium-thionyl chloride batteries. Using stainless steel housing components with low magnetic characters, high strength glass-sealed insulators, and non-flammable inorganic electrolytes for safety and shock resistance.

There are many factors that cause lithium battery safety accidents. At present, some of the mechanisms have not been thoroughly investigated. According to the available information, the main factors affecting the safety of lithium batteries are summarized as follows:

The direct cause of the explosion of lithium batteries is thermal runaway. Lithium is an active metal. Lithium and nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, etc. all undergo exothermic reactions to form compounds, some of which are unstable and some of which have explosive nature. When there are internal and external factors that cause the thermal reaction to run out of control, the internal pressure of the battery rises sharply, and an explosion occurs.

In order to avoid safety accidents when using lithium batteries, special attention should be paid to the following issues: Battery short-circuit, Overload discharge, Over-discharge, Charging, Shock and vibration, Excessive temperature.

Details as following photos:

YST-48R MWD battery pack connector
YST-48R MWD battery pack connector
YST-48R MWD battery pack connector
YST-48R MWD battery pack parameter