How to use the connector correctly?

Next generation rebreather connector, metal connector, circular push pull connector, measurement equipment connector

When using the connector, it must be used and stored correctly to avoid unnecessary trouble.

When receiving it, we must carefully observe the outer packaging to see if there is any obvious damage, and also to see if the connector itself is damaged, etc., we must ensure that we see it. It is intact so that it will not affect our use of the connected machine. When you don’t use it, for the time being, do not place it arbitrarily, especially in a place with sunlight. If you forget to place it due to negligence, it will be damaged due to long-term sunlight exposure, which will affect His use may even cause safety accidents, so we must carefully remember where it can be stored, and must not cause safety accidents due to negligence.

Connectors are not allowed to be placed in high-temperature places. Continuous high temperature or high humidity will damage it, especially in the environment with chemicals, it will be corroded, and the metal protective layer on the outside will lose its protection. The effect of this causes the destruction of the current lines inside. Without the normal conductive function, it becomes a waste.

   When you need to move the connector, don’t panic. Be careful to avoid it from touching hard objects and causing damage to it. Don’t put it under heavy objects to avoid crushing it.

   There is another enemy of connector, that is, grease-like objects. During storage or use, if you touch the grease-like objects, it will lose its original function and become an obstacle that affects our work.

Although these things are small things in life, we can’t ignore them, and we can’t lose big because of small things.

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