How to use satellite signal simulator? What is GNSS simulator function?

Satellite signal simulator is a very accurate signal transmitting device. The transmitted signals can be received by some special satellites for use as navigation information. It creates good conditions for the development and research of navigation receiving devices and data testing. The navigation receiver is an essential part of the design and development process.

According to the number of satellite channels that the satellite navigation signal simulator can simulate, the simulator can be divided into two types: single-channel simulator and multi-channel simulator. The GPS satellite signal simulator is composed of a GPS signal transmitting device, a computer, and a signal receiving device. The GPS signal generating device is composed of a variety of different hardware. This signal generating device can generate a variety of signals at the same time. The signal receiving device is the core component of the GPS signal generator. The various signals used by the GPS signal generating device are sorted out from the simulation software.

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The GNSS satellite signal simulator can be divided into the following two types:

Software-based model: In this operating mode, all navigation-related information and signals are obtained through computer processing, including the calculation and processing of data and signals of various models through computer software, and stored in related equipment. To save.

Based on the combination of software and hardware: In this mode of operation, computer software is mainly responsible for sorting and calculating related information and signals, and then using parameters consistent with the signals to control the hardware to analyze the sorted information and launch satellite signals and inertial navigation system information.

GNS8000 series satellite navigation signal simulator is a satellite navigation signal simulation source for Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS). Related high-end products have been used by domestic authoritative organizations. Ten receiver manufacturers are provided by standard test signals for six consecutive years. It supports the four major satellite navigation system constellations(BDS, GPS, Glonass, Galileo) and signal physiques currently in orbit, and supports high-dynamic, anti-interference, inertial navigation combination, and 10ms real-time closed-loop simulation of terminal products. It has a large, batch automated, unattended test evaluation system. The GNS8000 series simulator can realize multi-constellation and multi-system compatible simulation; the system can be expanded, the hardware can be reconfigurable, and the software can be upgraded; it can realize multi-level cascading and can quickly build large-scale simulation test systems. Complete product series, more than ten patent protections, leading the industry development.

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