How to distinguish the quality of the waterproof connector? How to buy waterproof connectors?

waterproof connector IP67 connector industrial camera connector

What is a waterproof connector? It is a connector that can be applied to the environment with water and can guarantee the internal mechanical properties and electrical properties of the connector can be used normally under certain water pressure. Waterproof kind connectors are needed in LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting engineering, lighthouse, cruise ship, aviation, industrial equipment, cable, sprinkler, and other fields.

In the process of selecting waterproof connectors, how do we know whether it is good?

(1) The level of waterproofing is high, and it needs to be able to meet the general waterproofing standards of foreign countries.

(2) Within the specified temperature range, the electrical performance of the metal connector will not be affected, and it can be used normally.

(3) The connector contains nickel alloy, it is necessary to ensure that the performance of the current will not be lost during the transmission process

Four points to pay attention to when choosing products related to waterproof connectors:

(1) First, check whether the connector is really waterproof. You can look at the logo of the metal connector and check the waterproof level of the round connector.

(2) Because the requirements of circular connectors are much higher than those of ordinary connectors, special attention should be paid to whether the machine cable is strong and durable when choosing.

(3) Pay attention to the interface model of the circular connector. Generally, the terminals of the machine are different, so you can hold the terminal to test whether it can be used.

(4) Before buying a connector, you can learn some common sense about the waterproof, because this will often help you to distinguish the quality without being fooled by the seller.

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