Gyro measurement while drilling GWD technology

GWD gyro while drilling

GWD technology collects real-time measurement data to make the wellbore positioning more accurate and safer drilling operations. The use of gyro technology to implement drilling operations can reduce this risk. Gyro measurement technology can improve measurement accuracy, reduce the risk of wellbore collision, and improve the spacing coefficient between wells. The success of offshore drilling operations depends on the accuracy of borehole trajectory positioning, especially in environments where the risk of borehole collisions is high.

The full attitude GWD includes 3 single-axis linear accelerometers and 2 dual-axis rate gyroscopes, which can provide gyro azimuth, well deviation, high-side tool face and gyro tool face, combined with well depth data, can calculate wellbore trajectory control data. The full attitude gyro inclinometer while drilling technology overcomes the limitations of the traditional MWD/wireless gyro inclinometer while drilling (GWD) technology. It can effectively reduce the uncertainty of well trajectory control and reduce the risk of drilling construction. It is very suitable for large deviations. Directional deflector for wells with degree casing windows, cluster wells or infill wells to prevent collision and bypass obstacles, rescue wells, and improve the measurement accuracy of highly deviated wells to east or west.

Compared with MWD (Measurement While Drilling) tools for magnetic measurement, gyro measurement technology is considered a better choice, because gyro technology can provide more accurate measurement data without worrying about magnetic interference. As the design of oil and gas wells becomes more and more complex, the GWD (gyro measurement while drilling) system continues to expand the scope of use of this technology, enabling real-time acquisition of measurement data during drilling. In addition, the creation of solid-state gyroscope technology has prompted the introduction of new systems, which are stronger, more durable, and more accurate than previous products.

Offshore oil and gas drilling, because most of them drill multiple wells on one drilling platform, also known as batch drilling, collisions between boreholes are extremely easy. Once collisions occur, they may lead to catastrophic HSE (health, safety and environmental protection) events. Therefore, continuous innovation and support of measurement technology is required.

The GWD measurement tool is limited by the formation dip. However, GWD can avoid magnetic interference. Whether to choose the GWD system or not should be determined based on the highest planned survey dip of the oil company, complete drilling design, well type, and compatibility with other technologies. The GWD system can be used together with the most commonly used MWD tools, without the need to use a wired gyroscope to orient or steer the BHA and drill. When the precise borehole guidance is essential for collision avoidance and trajectory positioning, the use of the GWD system to obtain real-time information of the borehole orientation to improve operation performance and safety may be the main factor different from traditional MWD.

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