GNSS simulator solutions and trends

GNSS simulator, signal source,satellite signal simulation

The simulator needs to cover the following functions: 1. Be able to simulate GNSS signals and inertial navigation data; 2. Enable users to test hardware, software, and new solutions in the laboratory before the system is deployed; 3. Enable users to test the original or extreme test the system under conditions (including error conditions); 4. Enable users to test the system during rare transitions and prohibited events; 5. Help transform existing equipment into new and emerging standards.

Currently, the latest information as following:

  1. The latest simulator of CAS Navigation is the CAST 5000 wavefront generator. It allows users to drive GNSS signals and interference signals that represent a continuous radiation pattern antenna (CRPA). The radiation pattern antenna consists of multiple smaller antennas, all of which are combined into one unit.
  2. (Jackson Labs) The Jackson Labs simulator does not require an external computer for data processing or control.
  3. Orolia’s simulator can teach you how to automate, just click a button and generate source code.
  4. Racelogic’s first laboratory satellite (LabSat) is a recorder with a player that records satellite signals outdoors and then plays them back in the laboratory.
  5. R & S’s GNSS test solution is based on a universal vector signal generator. Using this method, GNSS and other signals can be generated simultaneously in the same instrument, so coexistence and interference tests can be performed without additional external signal sources.
  6. Spirent provides SimMNSA complete M code solution, and SimSAAS complete Y code.
  7. IFEN NavX-NCS Essential provides unique capabilities for multi-sensor vehicle navigation systems
  8. SKYDEL SDX is Software-Defined GNSS signal Simulator.
  9. GNS8000 series are the main GNSS signal simulator in the China market, it GNS8000 series occupy 60% of the market. They can meet the application needs of various types of integrated navigation user terminal equipment design and development, production testing, teaching demonstration, equipment testing and routine testing.

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