FN-70 Dual antenna integrated
inertial navigation system

Dual antenna integrated inertial navigation system, FOG INS
  • The FN-70 dual-antenna strapdown inertial navigation system (hereinafter referred to as “inertial navigation system”) is based on closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope, quartz accelerometer, GNSS receiver. It is implemented through multi-sensor fusion and navigation algorithm to provide high-precision attitude. Navigation information such as high precision attitude, 3D speed, and 3D position to meet high-precision measurement and control requirements.

  • Main application areas include:
    ➣ Unmanned vehicle/UAV
    ➣ Track inspection system
    ➣ Traverse measurement
    ➣ Platform stabilization

Dual antenna integrated inertial navigation system specification

Major function
Inertial navigation can be combined with multiple types of sensors, including GNSS (built-in or external), DVL, ODO, etc. Externally output navigation information such as 3D position, 3D speed, 3D attitude, 3D angular rate, 3D acceleration, and heave. When other sensors are invalid, a full set of navigation parameters can be provided in pure inertial working mode.

The main functions are as follows:
➣ Inertial guidance with autonomous alignment capability, can be autonomously aligned in the mode of no observation information.
➣ Supports multiple integrated navigation modes, to achieve optimal navigation performance in different environments.
➣ 300s normal alignment time, with fast alignment.
➣ Support shake base alignment.
➣ It has rich interfaces, independent 3 RS422 / 232 configurable intelligent communication ports, 1 RS232 monitoring communication port, 1 RS232 receiver communication port (can be connected to GNSS); 1 CAN 2.0B interface and 10M / 100M adaptive network port.
➣ The inertial navigation system comes with 32G high-speed memory, which can read internal access navigation data through the MiniUSB interface on the panel for post-processing.

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