What are the electrical connector basic structures? What is the electrical connector basic application field?

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      The electrical connectors that are often used include: SIM card socket, SD/TF card socket, SATA connector, Board-to-board connectors, PCIE connectors, USB connectors, etc., these connectors have become indispensable electronic accessories.

      The internal structure of a machine is very complicated and cumbersome, and the composition of the machine, electrical appliances, and equipment cannot be separated from the connector. The performance and specifications of electronic connectors are different. The following technology will provide you with details Introduce, which products are mainly used for connector products: material control products, network receivers, set-top boxes, digital cameras, computer peripherals, players, automobiles and automobile peripheral products, drones, recorders, security equipment, medical equipment and many other uses.

The basic structural parts of the electrical connector are:

   (1) Contact (2) Insulator, (3) Shell (4) Accessories

   1. The contact is the core part of the connector to complete the electrical connection function. Generally, the contact is composed of two parts, a male contact piece and a female contact piece, and the electrical connection is completed by the insertion of the male and female contact pieces.

   The male contact is a rigid part, in which the shape is divided into cylindrical (round pin), square column, or flat. The male contact is generally made of brass or phosphor bronze.

  The female contact is the socket, which is the key part of the contact. It relies on the elastic structure to be elastically deformed when it is inserted into the pin to generate elastic force to form close contact with the male contact to complete the connection. There are many types of jack structures, including cylindrical, tuning fork, cantilever, box, and so on.

  1. Insulator: The insulator is called the base or the mounting plate. Its function is to arrange the contacts according to the position and spacing required by the lock and to ensure the insulation performance between the contacts and between the contact shells. Good insulation resistance, point voltage resistance and easy processing are the basic requirements for selecting insulating materials to be processed into insulators.
  2. Shell: also called the shell, which is the outer cover of the electrical connector. It is mechanically protected by the built-in insulating mounting plate and pins and provides proper alignment of the plug and socket to fix the connector to the device.
  3. Accessories: There are two types of accessories: structural accessories and installation accessories. The structural accessories are inserted into the clamp ring, positioning key, positioning pin, guide pin, connecting ring, cable clamp, sealing ring, and sealing gasket. Install accessories milk screws, nuts, screws, spring rings, etc. Most of the accessories have standard parts and common parts.

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