China inertial navigation device

China Inertial Navigation Device MEMS sensor, MEMS INS

The inertial navigation industry chain is mainly divided into two levels: device manufacturing, module assembly and software design. At the upstream of the industrial chain, the inertial navigation system components mainly include IC electronic components, inertial devices, etc.; the main products of the midstream of the industrial chain include information acquisition processing modules, measurement unit modules, and satellite attitude measurement modules, and the system of each module Integration and software design.

The inertial device is the core device. It is the most difficult to manufacture in the field of inertial navigation systems, and the value is the highest. The research and development and manufacturing of inertial devices upstream of the industrial chain are the most difficult, and the value is relatively high.

Application areas include military and civilian parts. In the military field, inertial navigation systems are used in ships, aerospace vehicles, space shuttles, guided weapons, land vehicles, robots, and other equipment. The civilian market includes geodesy, oil drilling, electronic transportation, automotive safety, consumer electronics, and other fields. The production of MEMS sensors has a scale effect. The larger the scale, the lower the cost and the stronger the competitiveness.

The main application areas downstream of MEMS inertial sensors are consumer electronics and automotive. Low-precision MEMS inertial sensors are commonly used in consumer electronics. Such products include mobile phones, game consoles, wireless mice, digital cameras, hard disk protectors, smart toys, pedometers, etc., and are mainly used to measure acceleration, tilt, vibration, and rotation. For example, an acceleration sensor in a smartphone will swing up and down when the user moves the phone while holding it. In this way, the acceleration can be detected to change back and forth in a certain direction, and the step counting function can be realized by detecting the number of changes.

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